We offer holistic and integrative medical services that compliment your primary care veterinarian’s conventional treatments and emergency care services.  Our first time comprehensive appointments with Dr. Decker are scheduled for approximately 1 hour 10 minutes and include the following:

– Detailed history and review of all relevant previous medical records

– Thorough physical examination

– Traditional Chinese Medical examination

– Acupuncture treatment and skeletal balancing treatment (Dr. Decker is certified-trained in VOM – Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation) as indicated

– Vitamin B12 injection as indicated

– Chinese and Western herbal and nutritional recommendations

This first time visit fee is $195.  

All follow-up visits for the same condition include a recheck examination and treatments as above, last approximately 25-30 minutes. The visit is $57. Follow-up acupucture of a known existing condition is $70.00 and includes VOM and B12 injection SQ as indicated.  If a new condition arises, a new, thorough exam is needed. That appointment visit is $120 and needs to be scheduled separately from ongoing recheck treatment appointments. 

Other available injectable treatments (eg. Traumeel, Zeel), Class IV Cold Laser Therapy (Cutting Edge), Chinese herbal formulas (Kan, Natural Path), Standard Process, and Western herbal and nutraceutical supplements are available as indicated and have additional fees.  A ‘cryo-pen’ technique for the non-invasive ‘freezing removal’ of skin tags and warts requiring no anesthesia or sedation is also available!

We also can submit blood work follow up testing for conditions that we are leading the treatment plan.  Otherwise, it is recommended that your primary care veterinarian continue submitting those tests.

We strongly believe that it is medically unnecessary to give booster vaccinations ever year or every three years which can add stress to the body’s immune system. If your pet’s immune system still “remembers” previous vaccinations to help protect the body from illness, which can be determined by a vaccine antibody blood titer test, then a booster vaccine is not needed.  So, we offer extremely affordable vaccine antibody blood titer testing (Distemper/Parvovirus/Adenovirus for only $65. And, Rabies titer for only $75) to assess if your pet even needs to be revaccinated for distemper virus, parvovirus, and rabies!