Omega QD was Developed by Veterinarian Dr. Debbie Decker who took a passionate, leading role in selecting the ingredients and developing the product.  Omega QD is a unique powder that Dr. Decker believes, and veterinarians who use Omega QD concur, that a marine-sourced, pectin-added powder formula provides optimum absorbability and results. Omega QD,with its fresh fish source, is free of any foul or rancid odor – Just the aroma of fresh, wild sardines and freeze-dried blueberries throughout its 2-year shelf life.

Innovative Formula – Sardine Omega 3’s (EPA/DHA), Antioxidant Blueberries, and Pectin Fiber 


* Maintains healthy skin, glossy hair coat, and optimal ear health.
* Alleviates hip, knee, and other joint aches related to exercise.
* Promotes healthy heart, eye, and kidney function.
* Supports healthy brain function and a strong immune system.

* Developed by veterinarian, Dr. Debbie Decker.

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