Dr. Debbie Decker received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the Ohio State University in 2003. She then pursued an additional year of Internship training at Georgia Veterinary Specialists in Atlanta/Sandy Springs, Georgia.  After only a few years of practicing conventional veterinary medicine (which included additional training in and performing Laparoscopic surgeries), she continued broading her scope of veterinary medical knowledge by completing the certified IVAS Acupuncture course to be taught and approved to treat patients using a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) style of acupuncture.  She also completed her training certification in VOM (Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation).  Once becoming involved with this awe-inspiring integrative, holistic veterinary community, for many years, she actively gave her time to the AHVMA (American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association) serving on the Board of Directors which lead to serving on the Executive Board and then fulfilling the position of President.  She also was honored to spent several years representing the AHVMA as a Delegate within the AVMA House of Delegates.

As a part of her ‘back story’, and why her personal approach to her patients’ care is even more unique…. 

Although she had wanted to be a veterinarian as far back as she can remember, her life path did not take her directly there.  Prior to becoming a veterinarian, Dr. Decker obtained her Master’s Degree in Medical Social Work and was a member of the Pediatric Trauma Team at University Hospitals in Cleveland, Ohio for over 6 years. During that time, she was highlighted by Channel 48 news station as a nominated ‘HomeTown Hero’ for her persistent high level of care and service to the parents of critically injured children. Her daily commitment involved many hours in the hospital Emergency Room, Intensive Care Units, and Surgical floors helping parents understand the complex medical information and adjust to the sudden changes caused by life threatening traumatic injuries, illnesses, and sometimes death.

Wanting to continue learning, and not forgetting her childhood dream, she was encouraged and supported by her pediatric hospital team and family, to go back to medical school and become a veterinarian.  She has added to and still uses all her invaluable social work skills to help understand her veterinary clients’ needs, educate them about complex medical conditions, and help support them to make decisions that are best for both their pet and their families.

“I still work with parents for and about their ‘children’s’ medical conditions. Only this time, their children are ‘4-legged and furry.’  I am truly blessed to now have the skills to provide not only the emotional and support care that clients often need when their pets are sick, but also the medical care that their pets need.”

Throughout her veterinary career, Dr. Decker has always integrated nutrition and complimentary medicine into the medical care plans for her patients. Her ambition and expertise were recognized and supported through two separate research grants provided by both the Geraldine Dodge Foundation (2000) and Merck Merial (2002). That research helped reinforce her commitment to advancing the health of pets. This continued interest has guided her to this recent development of a nutritional supplement with no additives or flavorings, the highest quality ingredients, and transparent, detailed labeling to promote the health and well being of pets.

Dr. Decker’s unique background enables her to provide the best medical care for her patients, your pets, while also keenly listening and understanding your unique bond with your beloved family member. Her sincere desire to provide you with the highest quality pet supplement is why she encourages everyone who purchases Omega QD to provide feedback about their pets’ experiences using this unique nutritional supplement. Your personal interest and helpful comments can help Dr. Decker continue to learn about your pets’ needs, and provide you with the most beneficial, affordable, and practical supplements.

Dr. Decker resides in Ohio City, Cleveland.