Pic_Chase sitting on my lap during his tx_Mar 2018
Chase relaxing with Dr. Decker during his acupuncture treatment!
Yago is feeling good during his ElectroAcupuncture treatment!
Tatum receiving his acupuncture treatment!
Pic_Chase ACP Needles along back 2018
Another view of Chase’s acupuncture treatment!
Ruby ready for her laser treatment!
Heather finishing up with her laser treatment!


Spa Day!

An “Emergency” treatment for an IVDD (disc disease) flare-up during COVID lock down. Just you and me, Grady!

Who volunteers to have their treatment first? (Can you guess by the looks on their faces? lol!)

Class IV “Cutting Edge” Cold Laser Treatment
These needles are sooooo relaxing!
I may not be crazy about the car ride, but this is pretty OK!
Ahhh, my back is starting to feel better!
You know I look good! 🙂
Dad and I are both stylin’ today!
Sweet, sweet, Asia.
I am ready!
Can you wake me up tomorrow, by chance?
Murray saying, thank you…
Can I help you on the computer while I am having my treatment?
Rory and Jake – we are resting after our treatments while the grown-ups finish talking about us!
Have any more food for me? I am still (ok…always) hungry! It’s my favorite part of my treatment visits!